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Ready to support your favourite podcasters? Become a fan and listen to the podcasts you love but only pay the price you want for the value you hear.
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TrueFans is a podcasting marketplace where listeners discover the podcasts they love but only pay the price they want for the value they receive.

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The future is only the future until we build it

TrueFans is the next generation podcasting 2.0 platform where you pay as much or as little as you like to support the podcast creators you love with bitcoin micropayments called satoshis. There are no adverts and no monthly subscriptions. You simply pay for what you consume. #value4value


So many podcasts, so little time… finding the podcast that’s perfect for you can be time consuming. Use our semantic search engine quickly and easily to help you find the podcasts you want. You can search by title but also by person, location, category and country. And if you still can’t find the perfect podcast you want, no worries, you can suggest a podcast and let the TrueFans community vote them into our curated podcast index.


TrueFans is a browser based Progressive Web App. This means it works on any operating system and any browser. You won’t find us in any App Store. In this Alpha release we currently only work on the desktop. We will be releasing a mobile optimised version by the end of July 2023. For now, just sign in, find the podcast you want and listen to it but only pay per minute for the value you consume.


Earning sats is easy. When you sign up and after you complete the registration you will have earned your first §10,000 sats. You can also earn sats by listening to trailers, creating clips or adding boosts to episodes. You can also earn more sats by inviting your friends to join. The more sats you earn the higher up the leaderboards you will rank and eventually you may even become the no1 super fan of your favourite podcast. The more you interact, the more you earn, so what are you waiting for sign in and start stacking those sats!

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.

Join TrueFans and become a fan. Listen to fanzone, our weekly podcast, Learn about all the new features and functions in TrueFans. And Earn your first bitcoin micropayments known as Sats.

A flower never thinks of competing with another flower next to it.

TrueFans has partnered with these premium podcasting hosts and services who support the new podcast 2.0 RSS features.